Silver Lake Stables is proudly an O.E.F. member Facility

What we offer

Large Box stalls: All of our stalls have mats and a blanket bar. Boarders may supply heated water buckets in the winter and box fans in the summer months.

Indoor arena: Located in the center of the barn.

Outdoor arena: Flex rail fencing.

Turn out: Individual, small group, or field turn out is available. Flex rail fencing as primary fencing with electric braid as secondary fence.

Feed Program: Grain is stored in rodent proof elevated bins, and Hay is stored in a covered building not in the barn for safety. Feed program is customized to the needs of the individual horse. Hay and grain feedings up to three times daily. We offer high fat high fiber pellets, vitamine pellets and Oats. Warm beet pulp fed twice daily in the cold winter months, as well as warm cooked flax. Mineral salt available at all times. Supplements provided by the owner will be added to feed as needed.


Boarder tack room: Each boarder is offered a tack cubby. (Individual arrangements can be made to store large western saddle if needed)

School tack room: Each individual horse has their own tack cubby.

Observation room: Clean and comfortable room.

Grain room: Sanitary and rodent proof

Washroom: Cleaned and heated for your comfort.

Wash Stall: Large wash area for horses. Hot and cold running water.

Grooming Stalls: Cross ties, Blanket bars, saddle and bridle racks, vaccum available.